Merchant FAQs

Once your facility is approved, accepted and verified, an account is established and you can start offering zipMoney as a payment method in-store or online. Every customer purchase requires an authorisation by both the customer and zipMoney. Once the purchase is authorised, and you confirm the goods have shipped (or services provided), zipMoney will pay you direct, same business day.

Merchants pay one small flat fee (%) per transaction, so you only pay when you sell. There are no setup fees, no monthly charges, no commitments and no surprises. The merchant service fee varies depending on trading volume and also the length of the interest free period on offer (eg 6 months is cheaper than 24 months) – contact us for further details on pricing.

We settle all transactions  into the merchant’s nominated bank account at 4pm on the same-day. The payment is made net of the agreed merchant service fee. Once a transaction is authorised by us, we guarantee settlement of funds i.e. we assume all credit and fraud risk. Merchants are never responsible for collecting any consumer repayments or defaults – you always get paid same-day and we collect repayments back from the customer over time.

zipMoney follows your existing refund policies nominated in your merchant services agreement. Through the ordinary course of business, a merchant might accept a return and process a refund. This is done either in your online ecommerce / point of sale portal or the merchant dashboard. Once a refund is initiated it will automatically be reflected by zipMoney both in the merchant dashboard but also the customer’s account. For any other questions please contact Customer Care.

To login and use your zipMoney Account, all you need is your registered email address/login and password linked to your account. If you have forgotten or lost your password, you simply need to click on the ‘reset password link’ on your merchant dashboard login screen.

If you still require assistance, please contact zipMoney.

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