Privacy Policy

zipMoney Payments (NZ) Limited (NZCN 6002009, FSP 506066) (“ZIP”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal and financial information.

ZIP complies with the Information Privacy Principles set out in the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe the ways in which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information. We may vary this Privacy Policy from time to time. By continuing to use ZIP’s website or goods/services, you authorise us to collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information as set out in the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

How do we collect personal information?

We only collect information that is relevant to our business relationship with you. This information is received directly from you or from other sources who you have approved giving us information.

If we collect personal information from a third party, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you:

  • have been informed that we have collected that information;
  • understand the purposes for which we have collected that information; and
  • are aware how we might use that information or disclose it to third parties.

It is possible that your telephone calls to us may be monitored or recorded which we do for internal training purposes.

What personal information do we collect?

The personal information (being information which identifies you) we collect may include:

  • name and contact details;
  • personal details;
  • financial information (which might include details in relation to income; assets and liabilities, bank
    accounts/statements, tax and financial statements, credit history information);
  • medical and lifestyle information that might relate to insurance;
  • employment details (for example, previous employment details and proof of earnings);
  • social media information; and
  • other information we require to provide our products and services.

We will not collect any sensitive information such as health information unless it relates to providing or maintaining products and services you require.

Why do we collect personal information and how do we use it?

We collect personal information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to provide financial products and services to you;
  • managing and improving our business relationship with you;
  • researching and planning for improvement of our products and services;
  • to arrange and/or carry out credit checks, debt collection and/or otherwise enforce rights under any terms and conditions applying to the arrangements between us;
  • for any express purpose for which you provide your personal information; and
  • to comply with our legal and regulatory responsibilities.

If we require personal information about you for a specific purpose that is not obvious, we will let you know that purpose at the time the information is collected.

When might we disclose personal information?

We may disclose personal information about you to achieve the same purpose for which it was collected.

We might also disclose personal information about you:

  • within our corporate group and related companies;
  • on a confidential basis to our external service providers;
  • if we are otherwise permitted or required to do so by law;
  • to other organisations (unless you tell us not to) and their agents for the marketing of their products and services; or
  • in other circumstances where you have first consented to the disclosure.

Apart from in accordance with the purposes described above we do not give your information to any other person or company outside our related company group

Website Traffic Information

Because of the way that World Wide Web communication standards work, when you arrive at or leave the ZIP website, we automatically receive the Web address of the site that you came from or are going to. We also collect information on which pages of our website you visit while you are on the ZIP site, the type of browser you use and the times you access our website. We use this information to try to understand our customers’ preferences better and to manage the load on our servers, so as to improve our service and your experience with ZIP.

Our Use of “Cookies”

“Cookies” are small files of data that reside on your computer and allow us to recognise you as a ZIP customer if you return to the ZIP site using the same computer and browser or otherwise use the ZIP Services. We send a “session cookie” to your computer if and when you log in to your ZIP account by entering your email address and password. We use these cookies to recognise you if you visit multiple pages in our site during the same session, so that you don’t need to re-enter your password multiple times. Once you log out or close your browser, these session cookies expire and no longer have any effect.

We also use longer-lasting cookies to display your email address on our sign-in form so you don’t have to retype the email address each time you log in to your ZIP account or otherwise use the ZIP Services. Our cookie files are encoded so that your email address and other information can only be interpreted by ZIP. We may, however, share cookie information with certain merchants with whom we have an official comarketing relationship regarding whether a user identified by the merchant is already registered with ZIP.

We and our service-providers also use cookies to customise our services, content and advertising; measure promotional effectiveness, and promote trust and safety. You may encounter cookies from third parties when using the ZIP Services on websites we do not control. For example, if you view a web page created by a third-party or use an application developed by a third party, there may be a cookie placed by that web page or application

Storing and retaining personal information

We store personal information in electronic or hardcopy form (or both) and use industry standard levels of security to prevent unauthorised access.

Personal information is only accessible to our staff or to authorised service providers with incidental access to supply their services to us.

We do not retain any of your information longer than is required for the business relationship with you or for legal purposes. When we are informed, we will keep the personal information we hold accurate, complete and up to date.

Sensitive Information

ZIP does not collect sensitive information (for example: political or religious beliefs, ethnic background or sexual preferences) about you


Where it is lawful and practicable ZIP endeavours to de-identify information collected about you.


ZIP does not use identifiers assigned by Government agencies (for example: your IRD or tax number) to identify any individual.

Direct Marketing

We may use your personal information from time to time to inform you about our current and future products and services including contacting you by telephone, email, SMS or post. You can request that you do not receive direct marketing communications by contacting us directly by telephone on 0800 947 729 or by email at [email protected] or by simply clicking “unsubscribe” or “STOP” to any emails or SMS offers or electronic marketing you may receive.

Access and Correction

We invite you to update and keep current any personal information you think we may hold about you. To do this, or to simply find out what personal information we currently hold, please contact us at the address below.

If you wish to access the personal information we hold about you, we may charge a reasonable fee to cover our costs of supplying that information. We will inform you of this cost at the time you make a request.

If you believe any personal information held by us is inaccurate or out of date you will be given the opportunity to update that personal information.

Queries and complaints

We are committed to the Privacy Principles for handling personal information and so, if you have any query or complaint in relation to the way in which we collect, use or disclose personal information, please contact us. We will use our best efforts to respond to your query or request as quickly as reasonably possible.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Privacy Policy does not apply to ZIP’s employee records.

If you like more information about our Privacy Policy, or in relation to the information we hold, please contact:

The Privacy Officer: zipMoney Payments (NZ) Limited

Mail: Level 5 Lowndes House, 18 Shortland St, Auckland,1010, NZ
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 947 729

If you require more information about privacy laws generally, please contact:

The Privacy Commissioner: Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Mail: PO Box 10 094, The Terrace, Wellington 6143, New Zealand
Phone: 0800 803 909
Fax: (04) 474 7595
Email: [email protected]